Nutritional value

Chili powder (or chili powder) Is the dried or dried chilli that is powdered, sometimes mixed with other spices (forming chili powder mixture). Chili powder is used as a favorite spice in the world to add spicy and pungent flavor to dishes.

Types of chili powder:  As mentioned, by changing the chili paste to make flour, we can change the flavor of chili powder. Try adding some chipotle peppers (smoked jalapeno peppers) to get a real smoky taste or add habanero peppers to taste more fruit than spicy. The best thing with chili powder is that you can apply different recipes depending on what kind of chili you have.


Used as a spice for daily meals : Chili salt, famous Kim Chi spice, fish stock, satay …

Peppers help boost metabolism :  In chili peppers contain a compound of capsaicin (hot red, spicy compound of chili) that can help boost metabolism and lose weight effectively.

Peppers help long, lose weight :  Due to the active mechanism of capsaicin, chili create a feeling of fullness, you should eat a little chilli in your meal will help your body feel fuller and resist cravings.

Peppers help reduce blood pressure :  The amount of fiber in chili can relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure, very suitable for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Peppers support digestion :  The fiber in chili also helps the body detoxify and support the digestive system, helping the intestinal tract to be healthy.

Chili powder for joint pain :  Vitamin E content contains a lot in chili, helps provide oxygen in the blood and reduces pain effectively.

Chili reduces the risk of cancer :  According to the study, chili contains natural plant nutrients, so it can prevent some types of cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer.

Peppers help strengthen eyesight :  If you want to have bright and healthy eyes, add chili to your meals during the day, nutrients in chili like vitamin A will help improve eyes and support vision , while nourishing your optic nerves.

How to choose

Chili peppers have a naturally beautiful red color. Dried chili, not moldy, spicy.


Usually chili powder can be preserved well for more than a year if properly stored. Store chili powder in a sealed bottle or jar and store it away from light, such as in a kitchen cupboard. If the amount of chili powder is large, it can be kept cold. Then use an airtight bag used in the refrigerator (preferably two bags).

Note when using

Do not eat too much because it is easy to get hot.

Using moderate amounts depends on each person’s taste.

It is recommended to add onion, garlic when hot oil to create attractive colors for dishes or when preparing dishes.