Miraculous effects and ways to preserve green pepper are not well known
Don’t rush to think that green pepper is hot and spicy. In fact, green pepper contains a lot of good substances, making medicine for humans.

Green pepper is a familiar spice in families’ kitchens. It is added to marinated, cooked dishes to add aroma. Green pepper is the product picked from pepper when it is green, the inner seed is still not hard, mildly spicy. In green pepper contains a lot of vitamin C, good for human health. Scientists have found that ½ cup of green pepper provides up to 230% of the 1 day calcium requirement for each person. In addition, pepper also contains many other healthy substances such as essential oil, fat, starch, piperine and chanvixin to create a bitter taste for pepper.

Effect of green pepper on health

Although it is a spice, pepper in general and green pepper in particular are effective in medicine, can be used as medicine. In Traditional Medicine, pepper is hot, stimulates digestion, warms the stomach, prevents vomiting. Here are some great effects of green pepper.

Increases the ability to absorb nutrients

In green pepper contains nutrients such as vitamin A and C, selenium, bet-carotene …, which bring many health benefits. In addition, it stimulates the amino acids in the intestinal wall and limits enzymes, facilitating better metabolism of nutrients. They also prevent the movement of substances in the cell, limiting intestinal activity. Thus, nutrients are absorbed better.

Cure arthritis

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, piperine in green pepper is useful for treating arthritis. In addition, this wonderful spice also contributes to improving blood circulation, preventing and limiting poor circulatory joint pain.

Two delicious dishes from green pepper

Beef stew with green pepper


500g of beef (you should use beef corn, a little more tendon will be better than using tenderloin); 3 green pepper branches; 2 potatoes; 2 carrots; Fresh tomato or tomato sauce available in 100ml boxes; 1.5 liters of fresh coconut water; 50g pate; 1 tablespoon cornstarch or energy powder; Basic spices: Dried onions, ginger, fish sauce, seasoning powder, sugar, oyster sauce …


Green pepper is washed, then put into a mortar. Attention is only to prevent over crushing.

Washed beef, washed with white wine and ginger to reduce odors. Then cut the square piece of the chess piece. Marinate beef corn with 1 teaspoon of cooking oil, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar and green pepper just left for about 30 minutes for the beef to soak in spices.

Potatoes, carrots are also peeled, washed. Slice pieces of chess pieces like the size of beef, soak them in salt water for about 10 minutes.

Dried onion peeled, ginger smashed.

Dry pilots until they smell good then pour the marinated beef. Island until the beef hunts again. Next, add 100ml of canned tomatoes (if the tomatoes are fresh, put them in and puree). Add 1,5l of fresh coconut water, add to the stew for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, open the pot, add the pâté, potatoes, carrots and seasoning to taste and then simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Check that the beef has been cooked, the potatoes are soft, then pour the bowl of flour (a flour) mixed into it, stir well, simmer in a small fire. When the sauce is mixed, scoop out a little bit of powdered pepper and add coriander stalks to make it nice. This dish is served with white rice or bread.

Stomach stewed with green pepper


Stomach pig (pig stomach): 1 piece about 500g; Green pepper: about 10 branches; Pigtail: 1 piece; White radish: 1 root; Fresh coconut: 1 fruit; Spices: dried onions, ginger, salt, seasoning powder, cooking oil, vinegar (or lemon); Vegetables (spinach), herbs, vermicelli served.


Pig stomach washes both sides inside and out. Use lemon to rub both sides, then soak in a mixture of vinegar + ginger for about 15 minutes. This works to eliminate odor and make stomach white, brittle.

Pig tail bones washed, chopped and eaten.

White radish, peeled medium.

Attached vegetables are disconnected and washed to drain.

Stir the pig’s tail bones with dry onions, fish sauce, salt and pepper powder. When you see the hunt again, add water to the tunnel. Since the water boils back, always open and cut off the foam. This is important because it determines whether the green pepper stew is delicious or not.

Stomach after being taken out and washed again. Cut into pieces and marinate with seasoning powder, dried onion, ginger, ½ of green pepper in about 20 minutes.

Add oil to the pan, dry the onion and then add the stomach to the island. When you start hunting, turn off the stove. Since it is the main ingredient in the stomach of stewed green pepper, remember not to fry for too long or it will be tough.

For the stomach has been fried in the pot of water, simmer for 30 minutes, then put the white radish and ½ of the green pepper remaining in the cellar until the turnip is turned off. At this time, the broth had a spicy aroma of very attractive green pepper.

If you want to eat with vegetables, add vegetables, make a bowl and add some coriander on top, remember to season the spice to taste.

3 ways to self-preserve green pepper at home

Short-term preservation: If people buy a little green pepper and can use it all in a few days, it is very simple, just put it in the cooler of the refrigerator and use it gradually, however when you put it in the refrigerator, use a bag. much, then take it out, do not bring too much, then do not use it all up again, this will cause the green pepper to be broken very quickly and quickly. In this way, pepper can be consumed for more than 1 week.

Preserving more than 1 month: For remote areas without conditions to buy green pepper regularly, buy once a few kilos to use gradually. However, preservation is a little more difficult, that is, we have to store in the freezer compartment, one more note that it is necessary to split green pepper into many bags, each containing a sufficient amount of pepper. use. The reason as well as above mentioned.

Preservation for more than 3 months: For those who buy green pepper in large quantities to spend the whole year, it is necessary to split, pack and must be vacuumed, then store in the freezer. With this preservation, the taste of green pepper changes insignificantly, almost intact compared to the original.