+ Lycopene: 0.23%
+ Beta Carotene: 3521Mg / kg
+ Alpha-tocopherol: 61.9Mg / kg
+ Lipid: 16.1%
+ Protein: 18%
+ Dry matter: 93%

The product from beet , fruit native Vietnam, now available everywhere in the world due to the seed coat Gac contains lycopene and β-carotene is the carotenoid is preferred due to resistance to oxidation, prevention and treatment of cancer.

Gac powder is obtained from the cold drying method with the lightest color and the highest carotenoid content. Products are produced above, closed technology ensures food safety and hygiene, no chemicals, preservatives. Very suitable for use as an additive for coloring products, processing all kinds of dishes, extracting essential oils, functional foods, nutritious drinks, …

Made from Bột-gấc-300x300pure gac meat after the film is dried based on a closed chain. Our products are popular in many countries: USA, Canada, Czech, India.